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Petition GM to Upgrade 2G-Equipped Vehicles

New Contributor III

I have a 2011 Chevrolet Colorado truck. I have been a loyal GM guy for years, and have paid monthly to OnStar for many years. It's an absolute disgrace that OnStar and GM will not offer a free hardware upgrade to all of our vehicles. They could surely afford this, and it would be a good gesture to their customers who have supported them for many decades.  

I had a long conversation with one of the OnStar representatives two days ago about this matter. She told me the Guardian App would not be able to locate my truck if it had been stolen without my cell phone still being in the truck. What good is that? What if my truck gets stolen in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping in my house with my phone in the house?  Furthermore, the Representative said OnStar would not be able to unlock my doors if I had locked the keys inside the truck and did not have my phone with me. What a waste this Guardian application is going to be.  I told the Representative to cancel my OnStar subscription after the 2G Sunset.

GM's failure to upgrade our vehicles is bad business, and it's a failure to care about PUBLIC SAFETY!

I have started a petition:


Visitor II

signed! i agree 100%, this is unacceptable. even subaru is replacing heads units. i've been a long time onstar customer and have 2 cars affected by this! the reason i got onstar was to not be 100% reliant on my cellphone. but now i will be. the app can't remote unlock my cars or stop and locate them if stolen. the reasons i got the service in the first please.


Signed. I have 2 vehicles being affected by this. I guess I'll just cancel. It's not like it's been useful lately. The directions are wrong, the system disconnects. It's gotten quite shoddy.

New Contributor II

Signed!!! I will be cancelling my OnStar at the end of December. I just bought my car a year ago because of the features it has now I’m losing all of them! I will be damned if I pay a penny when I won’t be able to use my key fob, remote start or even gps. Shame on GM and OnStar for not caring about their customers. 9k down the drain for this car I’m pissed!!!!