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OnStar Link

New Contributor

Is anyone else incensed that for 2013 vehicles using 2g technology, OnStar's "fix" is to use a module which eliminates the three button mirror functionality, and the ability to download maps directly to your navigation unit in the vehicle???  This is unacceptable.  I rely on those services daily for a vehicle that is not even 10 years old.   

2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV.

New Contributor

I am appreciative that GM / Onstar will provide the Onstar Link OBD2 dongle at no charge.  Apropos of 2G shutdown, Generac wants to charge me $249 to upgrade my whole house generator from 2G to 4GLTE for its Mobilibnk Remote monitoring.  So by comparison,  at least GM is trying. Regarding the 3 buttons on the mirror, I would obviously prefer if they were still functional. I might not renew Onstar depending on how the Onstar Link actually works in real life once I have it.

I did install the Onstar Gaurdian app on my Android phone, and I do not like that the app requires that location be turned on even when not using the app.

New Contributor

Absolute BS.  We’re paying a PREMIUM PRICE for a service that a clear majority of rarely use and GMs solution is to send us an OBD2 bung?  What poor engineering, what lack of imagination.  Some of us have rare ‘imports’ like me.  I have a ( last of the Pontiacs) G8 GT, I’d be happy to preserve the full on star functionality by maybe replacing the interior mirror.  But FMV was discontinued.  genius GM.  I am very likely to discontinue OnStar Service if this is Really GMs solution.


I agree. And an alternative does exist: Having a dealer service department swap out the Telematics Communication Module with a later version that supports at least OnStar Generation 10 (4G LTE). (The module goes by different names in different models, such as Vehicle Communication Interface Module (VCIM), Communication Interface Module, Telematics Communication Interface Control Module, OnStar Vehicle Interface Unit (VIU), and OnStar Module.)

This is what GM did for Canadian customers in 2015, when Bell Mobility turned off their 2G network. The hardware and procedures exist.

After 8 years, I’m not expecting GM to give me a free upgrade.  I’d be happy to pay a few hundred dollars. What really p*sses me off is that this service is not available at all. You can’t buy a replacement VCIM even if you wanted to. GM has a year to solve the logistics challenge of making enough to satisfy consumer demand. They should ensure such parts availability for the customary 10 years.