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26 Sunset yet no updates!!!


I can't believe in this day and age GM with their vast resources can't figure out how to make our 2G equipped vehicle run on a 4 or 5G network!

Since I could care less about the basic features that still will work (I mostly use the remote start function in the winter months). That will be no more, yet they still want to charge us the same for LESS! GM's attitude seems to be "tough luck". Reminds me of their attitude in the 70' and 80's. Well when mine stops working I CANCEL On Star.

Since they paid their president (Mary Barra) $27M last year, I suggest she have something done to address these issues. Her priority seems to be build high margin SUV's and pickup trucks in low wage Mexico and elsewhere. Typical these days!


Visitor II

I'm with you: when 2G is gone, so is my NOnstar

New Contributor II

Same here.  2G gone, so is OnStar.