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Onstar Removing Services (what are paying for)

So just got the email that OnStar is removing the Market Place feature. So in the last 2 years they have removed the following:1) The stored name and phone number feature.2) They removed the phone calling feature. I lost almost 500 minutes.3) Now the...

dml6 by New Contributor
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Onstar 3g phaseout

I have been trying to get info as to whats going to happen to my onstar service in my 2008 Lucerne but no onstar agent either knows what I am talking about or isnt sure. The Phillipine tech people are of no help and the U.S. people act like I am spea...

CarlDS by Visitor
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OnStar Link Dongle Not Happening?

So there was a post or an email from GM I read a few weeks ago saying the OnStar Link dongle project was being shelved because of the global chip shortage and a solution would be announced soon. What is going on with this and have there been any upda...