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Onstar Removing Services (what are paying for)

New Contributor

So just got the email that OnStar is removing the Market Place feature.  So in the last 2 years they have removed the following:

1) The stored name and phone number feature.

2) They removed the phone calling feature. I lost almost 500 minutes.

3) Now the Market Place is being removed.

So what are we paying for? Are new features going to be added? Will get new or more apps to use? 


I have been using OnStar since February of 2012 that is 9 years! OnStar has changed removed features and options ever since.  So the argument will be we are still paying the same price as before. But no we are overall paying more for less features.  So what is next?? removing the music apps?? 


New Contributor

Well I can not add its not 11 years it only 9 years using Onstar.

New Contributor II

Just more of the "features" you get by being a PAYING customer of OnStar. I bought a brand new Yukon Denali ~1 month ago. My PRE-PAID unlimited services, which are required for the in-vehicle navigation system to work since it is now Android Auto powered, were removed and GM/OnStar has show 0.000 care, concern or ability to resolve the issue. Soon, the trial period will end for the services they added back as a stop-gap and I will be left without connectivity without 2+ more hours talking to OS via the Blue Button. 

Think of this...if you NEEDED these services for crash response or emergency situations, is this the level of support you want to rely on?

New Contributor

You can get better service by buying a GOOD GPS Unit and a CELL PHONE with NATION-WIDE Calling Plan. On-Star lost me after 15 yrs when they lost the phone service!