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New Contributor

I have a 2014 Cadillac SRX that is a great car. My OnStar just got shut off and I was told that they could not turn it back on because it is 2G. Also the 2G was not going to be off until sometime in December. 
‘It is strange that other vehicles that are not GM are going to have the updates. All the good GM vehicles still on the road that are good vehicles. 
‘Hopefully GM will have a fix, the App is not the fix. They could do the update when we take the car to the dealer for service. 


New Contributor III

This seems to be very poor design/planning by GM/Chevrolet that 2G vehicles can't be upgraded. 

New Contributor II

@ljschoepke oh, but they can (could) be upgraded.  GM/OnStar already did that in Canada years ago (circa 2015) when 2G got dropped there.  They have just elected to not provide the same 4G LTE hardware upgrade to US customers and went the lazy route with an ineffective mobile phone app (Guardian) that does not provide any Remote features (which is why we all went with OnStar in the first place).  Here's a link to a discussion in 2015 about the hardware upgrade in Canada.  Oh and by the way, I in no way expect GM to do a paid upgrade to 4G LTE on my 2012 Cadillac.  However, I would gladly pay out-of-pocket for the upgrade myself if GM made it available (again).



I would like to share my dissatisfaction in the in ability to upgrade to a 4G modem and continue remote connectivity services. 

I work for a company that we do provide ongoing up grade of the MTG tellematics modems at very minimal cost to the owner and allows for continued access. 
You should not have to trade vehicles just to keep in current technology!! Allow customers to upgrade the technology if they so choose, don’t just turn it off early- Sept when you said December and give no upgrade options!! That’s very poor customer life cycle management of the product.