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No onstar anymore?

So there is no automatic crash detection anymore? Nothing on the vehicle as far as turn by turn directions, calling, or the onstar button will work anymore? I know there has to be something better than a phone App - that is a very poor substitute.

OnStar Link

Is anyone else incensed that for 2013 vehicles using 2g technology, OnStar's "fix" is to use a module which eliminates the three button mirror functionality, and the ability to download maps directly to your navigation unit in the vehicle??? This is ...

Onstar Removing Services (what are paying for)

So just got the email that OnStar is removing the Market Place feature. So in the last 2 years they have removed the following:1) The stored name and phone number feature.2) They removed the phone calling feature. I lost almost 500 minutes.3) Now the...

dml6 by New Contributor
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OnStar Link is Garbage and Not a Solution

Had a very unpleasant conversation with OnStar about the 2022 OnStar shutdown for pre 2015 vehicles that can only get CDMA 2g service. The "solution" is a data port dongle but is barely a solution to anything. It disables the in vehicle OnStar button...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Spam Calling from "OnStar"

I constantly get spammers calling me indicating that they are from "OnStar" and they will gladly give me a free month if I only confirm my PIN. I consistently say no, I'm not giving my PIN on the phone to someone who cold called me. If they can give ...

Cell phone no longer works

I cancelled my On star but now my phone doesn't work while in the car. I have a 2012 Impala. How do I get my phone to work while in my car? Thank you for any help.

Duncansa by New Contributor
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GM 8-inch Infotainment Center

If the General Motors Infotainment center in my 2020 GMC canyon weren’t such a piece of crap I might consider an Onstar Premium Plan, however the reliability of the GM infotainment center is so sketchy I prefer not to use it since it will probably so...

OnStar breaking up, they can't communicate with my car

My OnStar has been crackling, breaking up and very slow to respond since November of 2021. I've contacted them about three or four times and was first told that my car needed an update and they couldn't communicate with it. I was told take it to a de...

Need option to add Google Built-In

We have a 2022 Traverse Premier and I wish it had come with Google Built-In like the Suburban, Tahoe, and Silverado now have. It has the same Infotainment 3 system, so I would think it would be something that could be retrofit with software. While th...

CTTW by Visitor
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