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OnStar Link is Garbage and Not a Solution

New Contributor II

Had a very unpleasant conversation with OnStar about the 2022 OnStar shutdown for pre 2015 vehicles that can only get CDMA 2g service.  The "solution" is a data port dongle but is barely a solution to anything.  It disables the in vehicle OnStar buttons, it eliminates turn by turn navigation, and you can't even speak to an operator in an emergency or a crash unless you have your cell in the car -- and you can actually get to it after a crash.... But monthly pricing for this half baked solution is the same!  TOTAL BULL--IT!  No way am I paying for this.  GM should replace or reprogram the existing modules to be compatible like what happened in 2005.  Otherwise this is only marginally better than a plain cell phone and calling 911.  Plus I don't like having any dead buttons in my car. I'd rather have them ripped out otherwise.  Really GM THIS was your best solution?



Your frustration with this change is certainly understood. By 2022, U.S. cellular carriers will turn off all 2G networks to focus on faster, more reliable networks. Most 2006-2014 model year GM vehicles (including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and Hummer) and some 2015 model year GM vehicles use 2G networks when communicating with OnStar. We are working on identifying possible solutions for our affected customers and will be in touch with you in the future with more information.

New Contributor

When Canada shut down their systems (Years ago) they were able to upgrade the onboard hardware to work with 4G. Can't you offer that as at least a paid option for customers? Otherwise why should I want to keep your service if a person stealing my car can just unplug your device and head out on his way? {2014 Chevy Silverado LT}

New Contributor II

OMG I didn't even think about that! A thief could just pull out the dongle to evade the no restart prevention.  (The dongle won't work for remote slowdown as the prior system did so its functionaly inferior anyway but at least it had the theft engine disable thing.)  But if they just pull out the device, voila!  (Assuming they had the key somehow, like a carjacker may.)


Advisor Kaitlyn response was from Dec 2021. It is now June 2022 and onstar and GM have yet to come up with ANY solution.  Ford is doing upgrades for their vehicles owners.  Perhaps next time I will buy a Ford. The Guardian app is a lazy and useless solution for the above stated reasons. 


I agree. Why no upgrade options yet? You better get with it Onstar. Your GM customers will think you are being lazy. That's a good reputation to have!


This is truly a disturbing situation you’re correct it’s no better than just having a cell phone.

The option is to go to Triple A.

New Contributor III

This upgrade from 2G to 4G is not rocket science.  C'mon GM - take some of Barra's bonus millions and come up with a solution!