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Issues with OnStar, the myChevrolet app (Android version: 6.8.0 (4175) and the online browser app


Is anyone currently having these issues with OnStar, the myChevrolet mobile app or the online browser app?

myChevrolet app (Android version: 6.8.0 (4175)
- Either no data or bogus data (SSID and Password) for "Wi-Fi Hotspot" for both out 2019 Equinox and 2023 Trailblazer. (More > Wi-Fi Hotspot)  NOTE: This consistently happens when I uninstall and reinstall the app, I get no data.
- Missing Trips for our 2023 Trailblazer.  (More > Chevrolet Smart Driver)
- App update. When I updated the myChevrolet mobile app to  6.8.0 (4175), I lost all my saved "Map" addresses. (Map)
- I have multiple Email addresses listed for "Email" "Notification Preferences". 
- I have the same multiple phone models listed for "App" "Notification Preferences. (ie. I have 11 "SM-G975U1" phone models listed. (Home > UL circle > Notification Preferences)
- The "Recommended" "Tire Pressure" "Front" and "Rear" for our 2019 Equinox is incorrect.  It should be "35 psi" for both.  It is incorrectly listed as "34 psi".  (Vehicle Status > Tire Pressure)  NOTE:  I reported this over a year ago and it still is not fixed.  This was correct early in 2022 before an app update.
- No "Widget" - This was removed (didn't work properly) a few updates ago.  Is this going to be restored?
Online app (
- Either bogus data, no data or incorrect Wi-Fi Hotspot data for SSID and Password or I get the message "We’re sorry. There was an error connecting to your vehicle. Please try again later.". This happens mostly for our 2023 Trailblazer. (Vehicle Overview > Vehicle Settings > Wi-Fi Hotspot)
Vehicle Issues (OnStar)
- No "Audio" (radio stations) for added primary User and added Users to our 2019 Equinox (ie. Infotainment Profile and Preferences (Family Sharing))