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Infotainment Profile and Preferences

New Contributor III

I just started to set up the Infotainment Profile and Preferences on our 2019 Equinox.  I have added my main OnStar/ account to our 2019 Equinox, but have lost control of the Audio/radio station/favorites after I shut off the vehicle and then restart it later, after about 30 to 60 seconds.  When I press the "Audio" button on the vehicle screen, it does not go to the radio stations (ie. I cannot access the Audio screen).  It just goes back to the same screen.  I can switch back to the "Guest" User and the Audio/radio stations work just fine.  When I switch back to my User account, I again have no Audio/radio station control and no radio stations.  I have removed and reinstalled my User account in the vehicle with the same results.  I added 2 more "Family Sharing" accounts to the Equinox and I have the same problem with the Audio/radio with both accounts.  So I have no "Audio"/radio stations for my primary account plus the 2 accounts I added.  NOTE: As I stated, the Audio/radio stations worked initially when I added the 3 users, but quit working when I shut off the vehicle and then when I started the vehicle later, the Audio/radio quit working after about 30 to 60 seconds and then does not work again.  Is this a known issue?  How do I fix it?