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MyCadillac - Charge Status

New Contributor

MyCadillac Lyriqs charge status will not show in the app.  I have full access to all of the other functions such as remote start, temperature control and can view tire pressure.


However, the main thing i need for an electric car, is to see my Charge Status.


I’ve gone through several tiers of MyAp support, however, Tier 3 has never contacted me and I’ve taken it to the dealer with no luck.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve already uninstalled, reinstalled, used my iPad, wife’s phone and etcetera.  


Thank you.



Our team would appreciate the chance to look into this Charge Status concern further for you. Could you please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/5607" in the subject line so we can best assist? 


I have the exact same problem. Were you able to get it resolved?

Hi there. If you're also experiencing the Charge Status concern, could you please also send us an email to Please include "ATTN: OS Community/JB2023" in the subject line so we can easily locate your message. 

New Contributor

I have sent an email.  I hope you can get me some help soon, this has been very frustrating after waiting so long for this vehicle.  Thank you.