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remote auto start lost

So Onstar is terminating and so is my remote starter. Onstar services are pretty worthless and I never use however I was shocked to find out they had coopted my remote start. The price of plans is simply not worth it. I purchased my Chevy specifying ...

j2 by Visitor
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Onstar abuse by household member. Hacked

hi I'm embarrassed and just beside myself. I didn't know the capabilities of the onstar when I purchased a hummer several years ago. Apparently my girlfriend at the time did. Again I'm sorry for doing this post but. I need help and closure please. It...

Shameonme by New Contributor
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Since GM/Chevrolet is dropping 2G as it is outdated and is no longer supported, I wish to drop OnStar.

hasmussen by New Contributor
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No onstar anymore?

So there is no automatic crash detection anymore? Nothing on the vehicle as far as turn by turn directions, calling, or the onstar button will work anymore? I know there has to be something better than a phone App - that is a very poor substitute.

2G going away?

Are you saying the device in my car won't work anymore? I haven't been happy with Onstar services lately. Your turn-by-turn directions have gotten us lost several times by disconnecting, and by telling us to turn down nonexistent roads, and you don't...

CJ by Visitor
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Remote access plan

Using my remote access planI activated a remote access plan only to find out my phone was no longer compatible with mybuick app. Is there another way to use the plan or do I need to cancel? I am not in a position to upgrade my phone at this time.

Dnemly by New Contributor
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Maps plus and unlimited data

Why are all of the apps available with the unlimited data plan except maps plus? If I have to use maps on Android auto, then there is no good reason to pay for the plan. I can just use the Android auto apps and use the data connection from my phone. ...

Beefrob by New Contributor
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Spam Calling from "OnStar"

I constantly get spammers calling me indicating that they are from "OnStar" and they will gladly give me a free month if I only confirm my PIN. I consistently say no, I'm not giving my PIN on the phone to someone who cold called me. If they can give ...

View Plans & Pricing

Is there a simpler way to view my plan and pricing? Having to go through multiple pages is not efficient, frustrating and a complete waste of time. Why can't I simply just log in, go to my account and have my plan, its components and the amount displ...

How to Change my OneStar Plan

Hi I recently purchased a new Buick 2022 last month and now that my trial period is up in 2 days for OnStar I would like to change my plan from premium to a slightly lesser plan before I am charged for the first month.I can't seem to find any informa...

Rynee18 by Visitor
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Just want to say how awful your alerts are. My trial membership was set to expire and my car made the horrendous noise before blaring out an “alert” that my subscription was going to expire. The noise was so loud, unexpected, and unnecessary. I know ...

Can’t start my truck anymore

What is up with not being able to use my phone to start and unlock my truck. One of the reasons I bought the truck. What is the point in sell a truck to someone and stop letting them use the feature you sold the truck because they had those features?...

Onstar credit card problems

Hello,August 2020 my credit card exp date was changed. Every month OnStar tells me my payment has a problem. Every month, with gradually increasing frustration, I call and discuss this with an onstar representative. Every month I am told it will neve...

DavidVT by Visitor
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Can’t get in touch with anyone

My vehicle was traded in on Feb 8, I have been charged on four separate occasions by onstar services since then beginning on the 14th. I even received an email that that onstar was notified of the trade. I have attended the chat message center that j...

New vehicle lease and transfer discounted plan

Hello,I have an existing OnStar account with Remote Access and unlimited data. The unlimited data feature is 14.99/mo from a promotion back in 2019 when I got my car.My lease is up in a couple months and I will be getting a new car. Can I transfer se...

Xerxes by Visitor
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