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26 Sunset yet no updates!!!

I can't believe in this day and age GM with their vast resources can't figure out how to make our 2G equipped vehicle run on a 4 or 5G network!Since I could care less about the basic features that still will work (I mostly use the remote start functi...

17721 by Visitor
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2G Network Sunset - Lose Insurance Discount

According to my insurance agent (Representing Auto Owners):"The only discount that they give is based on the fact that OnStar provides GPS locating in the event the vehicle is stolen."Thanks GM/OnStar. I will now lose my discount at the end of 2022.

2G Sunset - My OnStar Services?

I find this kind of ironic. This is the information from "My OnStar Services" > "My Plans" (ie. my.gm.com) for my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado:"Your vehicle uses the 2G network, which is shutting down at the end of 2022."Then, further down the screen it s...


It's time to offer a real solution other than the App's limited capabilities. This is really bothering me. I have a 2015 and they can't turn it on remotely and load software updates. I mean really. It's embarrassing.

Numbers71 by New Contributor II
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Can’t start my truck anymore

What is up with not being able to use my phone to start and unlock my truck. One of the reasons I bought the truck. What is the point in sell a truck to someone and stop letting them use the feature you sold the truck because they had those features?...

Lost connectability

I lost connection to OnStar on my 2015 Chevy Silverado when you upgraded from 3G to 5G. I have spoken with several of your technicians without getting success. I don't want renew OnStar if it won't be working. Please advice as to what you're doing to...

gocats72 by New Contributor
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The 5G problem

I paid for a full year of OnStar; if my service on my 2014 Buick no longer works, and GM can't update the software, how can I get a refund; I still have several months left on the subscription. From what I've read, the "dongle" is no solution. I don'...

No Smart Phone

The recent upgrade planned for the OnStar service looks like it will leave me out in the cold. My car is a 2007 GMC Canyon pickup truck. The upgrade of the OnStar network requires the use of a Smart Phone to access the OnStar services for my vehicle....

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