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Still no GM update on 2G Sunsetting fix for pre-2015 OnStar vehicles?

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We're almost half way through 2022 and still no official GM updates on any revised OnStar "2G-Sunsetting" solution for pre-2015 GM vehicles with factory OnStar hardware (2G CDMA) (which without a GM fix, will have "N-OnStar" by the end of 2022 when the US 2G mobile data system shuts down.)

By contrast, I've already received free plug-and-play hardware upgrades for: 1.) A family member's pacemaker modem (See attached image of USB stick 2g to 4g upgrade modem; 2.) A Home alarm system 2g to 4g modem upgrade (see attached photo for the alarm's modem retrofit.)






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Hey Chuck,

It's important to read the fine print re: that Guardian app. If you're an Android phone owner, you may be in luck as far as crash detection goes. If you're an iPhone user, as I recall, you must be able to operate the app for it to be of any value (again, re: crash detection). You can find this information down in the fine print of the Guardian app features. 

Personally, I'm mad as Hell about how OnStar and GM have handled this. I found the installation instructions on the signal converter equipment GM rolled out in Canada (just Google it). GM could have made that equipment available to us in the United States, but chose not to -- not even offer it for sale. I would gladly have paid a few hundred dollars if it meant retaining their (integrated) service. Their decision on this matter will be long remembered. I adore my 2013 LaCrosse, but because of their selfishness (do you realize GM is now making new car buyers pay for OnStar subscriptions, whether they want them or not?) succession planning likely won't include a GM product. 



This does stink and really shows the lack of appreciation and concern for GM customers. Roadside Assistance is provided by my auto insurance so I do not need that. 
An upgrade would be the RIGHT THING to do. Remote key fob, start and unlock features and OnStar  Unlock for its GM owners are features that SHOULD NOT be lost. Offering an Upgrade Option should be a priority for GM. Ridiculousness!

We certainly understand frustrations regarding the Sunset of 2G Network Services. Owners with 2G-connected vehicles are encouraged to download the OnStar Guardian app. OnStar Guardian does provide access to crucial safety features such as Mobile Crash Response, which uses smartphone sensors to detect a crash and alert an Emergency-Certified Advisor. OnStar Guardian also offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Location Status and Emergency Services. You can also share this experience with up to 7 family members or friends, as well as view and share each Member's Location Status. You can find more information about the 2G network sunset on the following page: 

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I haven't done the research but if it's true that Canada got a workaround for this and the US didn't I find it absolutely pathetic. I will absolutely reconsider my next brand choice when I begin to look for my next truck..

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So after looking there is no workaround for this in either CAN or US. The fix that was originally mentioned was the first option that most all 2015 owners got bilked out of. I found out roughly 4 yrs (after spending 50k for my vehicle) that if you called OnStar/GM and wanted the 4g w/WiFI in your vehicle that they would send the equipment to your dealer and they would upgrade the system. That SHOULD HAVE been a letter to ALL OWNERS to update their systeme updated... There are plenty of these stories posted to the forums. So we GM owners are actually getting the short end of the stick twice here....Also, consumer reports actually did an article on what the OTHER manufacturers are doing for their customers, most are coming up with a fix. I will definitely be evaluating that list to see what other manufacturers are taking care of their consumers....

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Consider checking out It is an installation manual for the frequency converters GM provided (sold? gave? I don't know) to GM Canada subscribers.


Advisor_Makayla Obviously you do NOT understand! There are a lot of people out here that want to keep their older vehicles but not get left out. We want and demand a way to update our systems. I just can not believe we can not buy a new 4g, or better yet 5g, unit to install into our vehicles. I understand they will not have all the options the newer vehicles have but we have come to rely on what we have and now you are yanking them away and replacing it with an phone app? Oh and an app that will not work on my iPhone! The Ram trucks are looking really great to me now GM!


I just bought a 2014 GMC and one of the things I was most exited about was having onstar and having internet services to the truck. Only to find out after finalizing the purchase it's 2G and no longer works! My biggest fear now is that my truck will lose value over this factory feature no longer working going forward! No Onstar, remote door lock/open, remote start, hotspot, internet services or built in apps that require internet to work. It all adds up and feels like a bigger deal then it's being made out to be...

I found this thread with a group of people signing up to take class action lawsuit to GM over this issue, please sign up!


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As far as I'm aware, It's not a class action lawsuit. It's merely a petition through

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Entered VIN on my early production 2015 Camaro. Reply was 2G is disconnected and today is only 11-9-22. I thought 2015 just needed a dongle. No crash report, no stolen vehicle locator, no unlock service. I might as well be driving my old '63 Belair wagon if all I need is a half fast app.

Notice how OnStar says "safety and security of KEY OnStar services," They used "key" to deliberately confuse customers.