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OnStar Customers want a better solution for 2G Network Sunset

New Contributor II

So, I've spent part of the morning looking at post after post lamenting the loss of key services (OnStar Remote FOB, Remote Start, Remote Lock/Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Automatic Crash Detection) due to the 2G Cellular Network shutdown.  OnStar's solution is a downloadable App on my phone (Guardian) for "key services" (I would argue with that statement). The previous "dongle" solution (announced in 2021) was half-baked too.  No solutions presented so far are acceptable replacements for a depended upon service.

GM/OnStar, you had the perfect solution and brilliantly implemented it once before -- because this is Canada 2015 all over again.  Canada shut down its 2G CDMA network and you provided a set of 4G LTE-related hardware to upgrade affected vehicles -- complete with dealer Service Bulletins and everything.   I understand that you provided this before as a no-cost upgrade to your customers and I certainly wouldn't expect you to upgrade my 2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan at no cost to me.  However, you already know how to do the upgrade, you have already trained dealerships before and even have the Service Bulletins already developed (GM of Canada Service Bulletin 15-08-44-001J in case you've lost it). 

Why on earth are you not offering this to your customers as an out-of-pocket option for a dealer-installed upgrade?  I would gladly pay to have my 2G hardware upgraded to 4G LTE (which would also get me a sweet in-vehicle hotspot I suspect) using my own money.  I love my car.  I don't want to get a new(er) car. But I am heartbroken that I'm losing one of the best features of the car (in my opinion).


New Contributor II

On the contrary, I absolutely expect them to upgrade my Volt to 4G for free.  I have already had two home products from two manufacturers upgraded without cost with new hardware adaptors to allow 4G connections.  If GM didn't charge Canadian customers for their 4G/5G hardware fixes, then they shouldn't charge US OnStar users who -- not to put too fine a point on it -- also bailed GM out of bankruptcy after the Crash.  GM was lucky we didn't give them the sh--ty Guardian app and tell them to fend for themselves after that mega crisis.

New Contributor

I totally agree. GM fumbled this one big time. Should be free, especially for those who've been long-time subscribers, but yeah, i'd consider shelling out  a couple hundred, if I had to, to help defray costs.  Their "replacement" app doesn't do anything that I can't already do or get through Google or other apps, and for little or no money. I already get roadside assistance through my cell phone company, and my car insurance company.  I have at least two apps that will notify others if I'm in a crash in the car, or on my bicycle, or otherwise.  No need for yet another app.  I got Onstar for remote start/stop, location (location of the CAR, not a stupid phone), diagnostics, and so on.  If my son drives my car... I have my phone, so how will I know where the car is? Wow (sic), I can add seven whole people to the app so they can see my  location!?!? Really? I can do that, with more people, by just enabling/sharing my location on Google Maps.

For starters, as soon as the sunset occurs, it will be sunset with my Onstar subscription as well. I have two GM vehicles in the garage and we were even looking at purchasing our next GM vehicle very soon, but I'm so angry about the lack of support from GM on this, that I'm now greatly concerned about buying anything else from them. This is tipping my decision to look elsewhere.

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I don't use any of the  OnStar services other than the "My Buick" app for my 2012 Regal. I pay a reasonable monthly fee just to be able to use the remote start, and door lock/unlock features. I am SUPER PISSED that after this shutdown of 2G that I would be forced to pay triple the current price If I want to keep these features. Things are tough enough for us all out here, having a simple luxury like starting my car from inside work in the dead of winter shouldn't cost me triple what I pay now. THIS SERVICE/FEATURE SHOULD BE OFFERED AT THE SAME PRICE I PAY NOW. Another very dissatisfied customer, after the 2G goes down, so do my payments for the service with the "My Buick" app. I won't hand over a single $1 unless the price comes back down to a reasonable cost.  No excuses!! If you can allow my app to start my car for $15/month after the network changes, you can allow it to start for what I pay now. 

New Contributor III

I've started a petition to get our vehicle upgraded:

New Contributor

Very disappointed with GM’s lack of support.  Have two GM vehicles which rely on 2G, paid subscriber since 2006, and guess we in the US are not important enough for GM to support like they did for the Canadians.  Have been a loyal GM customer for the past 56 years, appears the loyalty only went one way.   Was considering a new GM car, think this changed by mind.   

New Contributor

The sunset of 2g with GM doing nothing is unfortunate and will end with lost customers.  At a minimum, GM should publish instructions on how to disconnect the unusable system as it will constantly search for a signal when the ignition is on and is an electrical drain on the vehicle.  Onstar hardware does not have a separate fuse as it shares a circuit with other accessories.   As GM has chosen to ignore the request of owners to upgrade to 4g, the ethical action would be providing directions to disable the system.