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New Apple Products Now Include Crash Detection

New Contributor III

Now this is interesting... in their media announcement yesterday, Apple mentioned that the iPhone 14 AND Apple Watch 8-series products now include crash detection. The devices use a combination of sensors to determine if you've been in an accident, and will contact emergency services if you are unable to respond.

This makes me wonder if OnStar decided to give pre-2015 GM vehicle owners the shaft because it knew about Apple's plans and assumed Apple would clobber them for at least our portion of the market. (Not based on any kind of direct knowledge; just a thought.)

For me, the monthly payment on an iPhone 14 is cheaper than the monthly subscription to OnStar anyway (after trading in my older iPhone).

Please understand -- I would MUCH rather have a crash detection solution that is integrated with the vehicle. But since OnStar decided it didn't want to support those of us with pre-2015 GM vehicles, I believe the Apple technology to be the very next best thing.

And I'm considering upgrading my teen's iPhone specifically so she'll have this capability while she's behind the wheel.


New Contributor III

Google Pixel introduced Car Crash Detection in 2019.  Looks like it's coming to other Android phones.

New Contributor III

Well I might forget my phone when I leave - then that would be totally useless! GM just needs to step up and make something available for our vehicles. What about  people who don't even own a cell phone? They're just screwed...

New Contributor III


I don't want to belabor the point here, but the technology is on the watch, too -- independently of the phone.  I'm thinking about this as a solution for my teen, who'll be getting her license soon.

I agree that it's not as good as having it embedded in the car anymore.