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Class Action Lawsuit

New Contributor

Has anyone looked into the possibility of a Class Action lawsuit regarding this matter? This is an extremely unfair practice affecting many many loyal customers! Spoke to an advisor today who told me it wasn't OnStars decision but the cellular service provides Sprint, Att, and Verizon. I honestly do not know what to think!



It is the 2g Sunset by the networks, But GM Chose to negligently install antiquated technology that was not upgradeable when 3g and 4g networks were already the standard. They did have a solution and gave it to many Canadians for free when they shut theirs off, but don't care as much about their US customers. They falsely blame the chip shortage, but if it were the chip shortage they would offer a waitlist for when they would eventually be available. NO they don't care that their choice of substandard equipment is resulting in harm to the customers, as is their CHOICE to not eventually fix it. They claim the guardian app that has none of the critical functionality is an alternative and still expect people to pay for it. This is a class action waiting for the right law firm to pick it up.