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A Technical Workaround OnStar Won't Mention

New Contributor II

I attempted to come back and remove this post, but the only option I can find is to edit its contents or report the content as inappropriate.  The suggestion I made for a workaround was to obtain a module from another vehicle that was no longer in service, such as those from a wrecked/salvage vehicle.  This was a method I attempted myself and while plugging in the telematics module from another Cruze will allow the vehicle to start and access to basic functionality of the module (like seeing that there is a WIFI hotspot present), attempts to reprogram the module once it has already been initialized/programmed for a different vehicle will fail.  Swapping of modules in vehicles is forbidden by GM and attempts to do so through any of GM's channels (i.e. dealerships, GM technical support, etc.), will not receive any assistance in doing so.  There are a few, very few, options out there that offer services to reinitialize the modules, but given the cost and effort it makes this workaround a lot more work!  Indeed the system was designed to prevent module and vehicle theft and after all, the OnStar module has the ability to communicate with the other modules and shut down the vehicle in such an instance... that is if OnStar is able to communicate with your vehicle.

Now that GM and OnStar have become separate entities, I'm sure GM could care less about their sudden loss of over a million subscribers, but are they really that willing to sacrifire future auto sales?  As the owner of a Cruze and someone who progressively stepped down from a Chevy Silverado (because in rural America, every guy has to drive a truck) to a GMC Jimmy and then a car, I'm already quite put off by the fact that GM axed nearly every car they had in their lineup.  I moved down to a smaller vehicle for the gas savings and now that gas is expensive again, all GM has are SUVs and sports cars as options.  Well... and a few expensive EVs.  It makes you wonder how out of touch with customers and the market that GM really is, seeming a bit more reactionary than proactive in their decision making.  If that's the case, then maybe making enough noise about this OnStar shunning will actually do something, so I, for one, will keep yelling.