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2G Network Sunset - Bluetooth and Other Functions

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Attn: Admin_Skylar

Please provide information as to what services will still work after the 2G shutdown.  ie. Bluetooth connection between our phones and vehicles.  Will the "hands free" still work?  Will spoken vehicle commands still work?  Please post here or direct us to where it is documented what will and will not work.  Thank you.


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Still waiting for a response.

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Smfh they don’t care about us and if you haven’t got a response by now I sadly doubt you ever will. I’m cancelling this shit at the end of December 

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I've started a petition to get our vehicles upgraded:

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for reaching out to us, ljschoepke.


After the 2G network sunset, the three-button assembly in your vehicle will be deactivated and some of your Safety & Security services will remain the same while others will no longer be available. You will still have 24/7 access to OnStar Advisors via 1.888.4ONSTAR and the OnStar Guardian app.


The Guardian app will provide:

  • Emergency Services
  • Crisis Assist
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Mobile Crash Response
  • Location Status

And you will no longer be connected to:

  • Automatic Crash Response
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation


The myChevrolet/myBuick/myGMC/myCadillac mobile app has connected services features that will also no longer work after the 2G cellular network sunset. Services such as remote access, remote door lock/unlock and vehicle locate are no longer a part of your OnStar plan after 2022.


You can find more information about the 2G network sunset on the following page:


Additionally, OnStar Hands-Free Calling was discontinued starting February 2022. In its place, Members can use Bluetooth pairing to make phone calls while keeping their hands on the wheel. If your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth, it will continue to pair to your compatible phone. You can find more info on that here:


Why doesn't GM or OnStar have an update or upgrade from 2 or 3G option to keep well maintained equipment still viable for use with the 4G networks?